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Six lesson plans:

‘Spoken grammar’ is the research-based grammar that occurs in natural conversation, but is rarely featured in traditional teaching materials. ‘Business grammar’ focuses on the key grammar for business and management essays, and formal writing (such as reports) in the workplace.

Please feel free to use the plans below with your college or workplace students in any way that suits your classroom or online requirements. You are welcome to copy, adapt and print them from the web pages or after downloading the Word documents below. (You may need to 'enable editing' in the Word doc to make changes and use any links.)

LESSON PLANS ON SPOKEN GRAMMAR (for students at intermediate level and above):

Heads and tails: web page or Word doc 

Spoken discourse markers: web page or Word doc

Vague category language: web page or Word doc 

LESSON PLANS ON BUSINESS GRAMMAR (for students at upper-intermediate level and above):

Cautious or 'hedging' language in essays and formal business writing: web page or Word doc 

Compound adjectives and prepositional phrases in essays and formal business writing: web page or Word doc

Teaching impersonal subjects: web page or Word doc 

I hope you and your students enjoy these lessons!