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Grammar, vocabulary, conversations, essays, novels: all of these are branches on the language tree.

Welcome! I am a freelance writer of books and online courses for English language learners and teachers. My publications include Oxford Grammar for EAP, A Handbook of Spoken Grammar and the online course Spoken Grammar: A Guide for English Language Teachers. I also give talks and workshops on spoken English and formal business English. In 2018 I published my first novel, The Story of the Cloth

Before becoming a freelance writer, I worked at the University of Westminster, where I held a number of positions including Chair of Professional Education, Chair of English and Linguistics, and Director of the Centre for English Learning and Teaching. I also taught on a wide variety of programmes: EFL, BA in English Language, and MAs in TESOL and Translation. My special interests are in teaching English grammar, spoken English, and formal businss English writing. 

On this site you’ll find full details of my professional life. I very much hope you'll also find something that you've been looking for!

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