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Chinese Oxford Practice Grammar Basic

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing Co., 2022

cover of Chinese version

Chinese edition of the newly-updated, ever-popular grammar practice book for learners of English, with explanations that are easy to understand. A complete guide for elementary to pre-intermediate students: 109 self-study units with clear grammar explanations, plenty of practice exercises, and regular progress tests. (Co-authored with Norman Coe and Mark Harrison.)

Editorial review (The Asian EFL Journal): "Unlike a reference book, once a point has been explained, a great deal of reinforcement practice is given such as exercises requiring students to choose appropriate words from a list in order to complete a sentence and more complex tasks which involve the construction of both statement and interrogative sentences, each of which provide a brisk and lively pace for both teachers and students."

Please note that this book is only available in the mainland of China.

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