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The Story of the Cloth

The Story of the Cloth book cover

After a mysterious meeting at dusk in London’s Regent’s Park, Alex finds himself in Oman and is drawn, by a chance encounter with the kindly scholar Burhan, into the perilous quest for an ancient cloth, allegedly bearing the image of God.

Burhan sees the cloth as a beacon of hope for mankind. Salah, his ruthless cousin, wants to lock it away forever. The chase that ensues will threaten Burhan’s life, Alex’s life and Carol’s too, his enigmatic new girlfriend.

… harrowing moments … engrossing tale … Paterson’s exceptional prose turns the seemingly mundane into alluring imagery” – Kirkus Reviews

“… ingenious twists and unexpected tangents have the reader sitting on the edge of his/her seat … a compelling narrative …– Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

"Line by line, The Story of the Cloth sparkles. Paterson's prose is scrupulous, elegant, and pleasing, studded with sly turns of phrase and observations worth lingering over." - The Booklife Prize, Critic's Report.


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