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The Story of the Cloth

Paperback and e-novel available on Amazon; e-novel on Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo and Scribd.

The Story of the Cloth book cover

Set in London, Oman, France and Iran, The Story of the Cloth features Alex, a young architect who is walking home at dusk through Regent’s Park, when a fairy appears in his path and offers to grant him a wish. Trainee architect by profession, daydreamer by habit, Alex happens to have one ready: the power of instantaneous travel. It’s only when he arrives in Oman on his debut ‘flight’, and is drawn - by a chance encounter with the kindly scholar Burhan - into the perilous quest for an ancient cloth, allegedly bearing the image of God, that Alex realises there may be a price to pay for his new gift. Burhan sees the cloth as a beacon of hope for mankind. Salah, his ruthless cousin, wants to lock it away forever. The chase that ensues will threaten Burhan’s life, Alex’s life and Carol’s too, his enigmatic new girlfriend. But it may also reveal the identity and true purpose of the young woman in the park with the wand.

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