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A bite-sized A to Z of spoken grammar

21 January 2020

Spoken grammar: lexico-grammatical features of conversation highlighted in corpus research.


Index to the full A to Z


► For an introduction to the subject of ‘spoken grammar’ (and a reading list), please see the short article I wrote for ‘The Teacher’ magazine in 2019: ‘Let us teach some spoken grammar’.


► If you’re an English language teacher and would like to introduce your students to some spoken grammar items (or begin your own research into this fascinating and evolving area), you might like to take a look at my online course, ‘Spoken Grammar: a Guide for English Language Teachers’.


► Finally, here are links to all the entries in my A-Z, posted on this website between October 2019 and January 2020. I hope you find some new and interesting things!


A is for  … adjectives as response tokens

B is for … binomial phrases

C is for … cleft structures

D is for … declarative questions

E is for … exaggeration

F is for … frontal ellipsis

G is for … grammar rules

H is for … heads

I is for … inserts

L is for … lexical bundles

M is for … marking spoken discourse

N is for … noun phrase prefaces

O is for … oh

P is for … placeholders

Q is for … quantities, vague

R is for … reporting speech

S is for … synonymous responses

T is for … tails

V is for … vague categories

Y is for … ‘y’ as a suffix