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12 December 2019


NEW online course, providing English language teachers with permanent access to techniques and materials. For a course description, sample lectures, and an opportunity to enrol for £9.99, please click here by 25 December 2019, 3.08 AM PST (GMT -8). 


Reviews for my 2018 online course, Spoken Grammar: a Guide for English Language Teachers:

Wayne Trotman (EL Gazette, January/February 2019): “This guide would be useful on the electronic devices of all language teachers I know, and at any stage of their career, who have a distinct interest in teaching English as it is really spoken.”

Hilary Livingston (IATEFL Voices, July/August 2019): “I was truly impressed by the author's knowledge of the subject matter and his clear explanations in the videos.”

Pete Clements (ELT “It’s very impressive … I’d recommend it to teachers of all levels of experience.”