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3rd edition of 'Improve Your Grammar' published today by Bloomsbury Publishing!

7 April 2022

Description from the new publisher, Bloomsbury Publishing: 'Packed with clear guidance on the nuts and bolts of grammar and plenty of examples, this text will help students master the fundamentals of English grammar and tackle written assignments with confidence. 60+ bite-sized units help students overcome common areas of difficulty, such as forming different tenses, using connectives to link ideas and build an argument, punctuating sentences and choosing the right words. Each unit is presented on a double-page spread, making it easy for students to flick through the book and quickly find the unit they need. Short, focused exercises at the end of each unit - with answers provided at the back of the book - make this text ideal for both self-study and classroom use. This third edition contains four new units on hedging, being critical and collocation.'

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